Issue 02

Stonecrop  |  2019


We are proud to present a limited gallery of writing and a full gallery of art from our Spring 2019 issue, Stonecrop No. 02. 


on the cover:

RED | Guilherme Bergamini

Featured Artist & Stonecrop 2019 Cover Art Contest Winner

* View Guilherme’s photographs and artist bio from Stonecrop No. 02 by visiting the Art Gallery below


Art Gallery


Literary Snapshots

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Mitch Wieland

coming soon!


John Barrie

Guilherme Bergamini

Jennifer Brown

Sinejan KiliÇ Buchina

Clara Burghelea

Lianne Collins

Federico Federici

Thom Garzone

Ben Hall

Susan Heeger

Michael Hower

B.H. James

Kendra Mattson

Matt Naylor

Michelle Nordin-Mills

Elaine Olund

Kimberly Rivers

Ryan Shek

Joseph Sigurdson

Jupp Soetebier

Ashlee Vanliew

B.A. Van Sise

Lucille Walker

Jen Wieber

Mitch Wieland

Special thanks

Reema Zaman, Mitch Wieland, Christian Winn, Joe Davidson, Forest Gerlach, Grace Lovera, Ari Zickau, and all those who helped support our efforts this year.

Issue 02 Staff



Dave Nicholas

Managing Editor

Jen Merrill


Amy Burton

Hannah Cox

Brianna Tomaskovich-Valdez