Kendra Mattson


Freak Alley, Boise, Idaho



About Kendra Mattson:

I have been an artist since my first drawing class in high school five years ago. My interests have been drawing, design, ceramics and more recently, photography. All of which I took classes of during high school, and reached the highest level course I could in them. Throughout high school, I was a member of Art Club for three years and the President of the club for one year. For three years, I was also a member of Student Council. In college, I am taking various studio art classes, such as drawing and introduction to 3D design. I am attending College of Western Idaho for a Studio Arts degree and will then transfer to Boise State to obtain a Bachelors of Art Education. Sharing the love of art is what I aspire to do with my life, and I hope I can accomplish this dream to the best of my abilities. Visit Instagram @kendraroophotography.