Baily Hazzard


Pencil and Paper


Baily Hazzard has been sketching since she was a young girl. It was never a professional pursuit, always a hobby. She likes to draw trees and other aspects of the natural world because it is a calming and relaxing experience. She graduated from the College of Western Idaho with an Associate of Arts degree in English, and is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature at Boise State University. Though she enjoys sketching and other art forms, her professional focus is currently in higher education. When imagining her future, Baily thinks she will stay in the field of higher education while continuing to pursue her art and writing as hobbies. When not studying or working, Baily enjoys reading all sorts of books and short stories, with a particular fascination for magical realism and dystopian novels. She credits her love of writing as a by-product of her love of reading. Baily has been awarded first place in CWI’s President’s Writing Awards in the critical analysis category for the essay titled “Volpone’s Fables and Allegories.”